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Steps to Use LED Grow Lights

Here is the process of using LED grow lights. Let's take a look.

Ⅰ. Adjust the height of the LED grow lights hanging above the plant

1. Early stage of plant growth: place LED grow light fixtures above the plant for about 300mm. Therefore, it ensures the minimum inter-node length.

2. Trophophase

Now the distance between light and plants has been increased, which may be between 300-600 mm. For leafy plants, the light of LED grow light fixtures needs to be reduced so that the light can reach the lower branches of these plants.

In addition, if your factory needs a higher lighting level, keep the LED above the plants for more than 300 mm. If we need a lower lighting level, keep the LED above 600 mm.

3. Flowering and germination stage

In this stage, the distance between lights and tree crown can be 300-600 mm. But 400 mm is an advantageous height in the canopy.

Ⅱ. Change the way of watering when using LED grow lights

If LED is used at the beginning, watering may cause some problems.

The watering guide is mainly based on HPS lighting. In this process, evaporation will occur. That's why we need watering. However, when it comes to LED grow lights, watering or feeding is not a problem. Therefore, watering may be dangerous to plants.

Ⅲ. Feeding specifications when using LED grow lights

Plants need feeding. In the presence of LED grow light fixtures, there are feeding regulations. You need to provide 30% HPS lighting for plants. Add Cal-Mag when your plants grow under LED illumination. In hydroponic system, evaporation is reduced, so you need to provide less nutrition.

Ⅳ. Operation of LED grow lights in winter

In winter, you need to provide more heat in the room. This will promote the growth of plants, and the heat of the growing area is much lower than that of HPS lighting. Therefore, in winter, this may cause some problems. So, if LED grow light fixtures are used, more attention should be paid to plants.

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