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Hemp Cultivation Technology Sharing: How to Increase the Final Yield of Hemp Before Flowering

Ⅰ. Increase light intensity of grow lights for cannabis

Install better cannabis plant grow lights.

It is very important to keep cannabis plant grow lights as close as possible without overloading the plants.

Trim new buds so that they can develop horizontally in the light. Pruning during growth allows the plant to keep the light as close as possible without causing the highest leaf glare to burn.

When the cannabis is surrounded by vegetation, it will actively react and try to get taller for better lighting.

Ⅱ. Choose the best grow lights for cannabis during the flowering period

For optimal yield, density and bud size, high-quality LED plant grow lights for cannabis should be used while the buds are forming.

Ⅲ. Provide the right spectrum to grow lights for cannabis during bud formation

1. Using LED plant grow lights with more red light of different wavelengths during the flowering period will be more effective than using plant grow lights for cannabis with more blue light.

Choose a LED plant grow light for cannabis that contains the following diodes: White; Red; Far Red (infrared wavelengths).

Cannabis plants grown under the Flora 780W LED plant grow lights for cannabis look very attractive.

LED plant grow lights for cannabis generally need to be kept at least 40cm above the plant to prevent bleaching and burns.

2. Optimize environmental factors for cannabis growth

Several key factors need to be kept in mind. They are mainly related to the microclimate of the growth room/grow box during the flowering stage.

Temperature: Keep the temperature between +18°C and +26°C as much as possible. Elevated temperatures are associated with loose or "airy" cannabis sprouts, weaker bud smell, reduced immunity, mold formation and insect infestation (especially if the buds are also wet).

Humidity: Don't let the environment get too humid when the shoots start to develop. High humidity can cause mold attack and bud rot, and it can also inhibit bud growth. High/large density (high humidity makes it difficult to efficiently transport water through key plant nodes).

Particularity: When the interior of the farmhouse/farmhouse has a reflective wall, it can prevent the loss of LED plant grow light.

Air circulation: In addition to maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, plant breezes and plenty of fresh air are also important. Effective air circulation prevents many problems and accelerates cannabis growth, thereby increasing overall yield.

3. Harvest in time

Most importantly, don't start harvesting too early! Be aware of this argument: during the last two weeks before the peak of maturity, cannabis buds gain weight significantly.

Even if you harvest a few weeks early, you may halve the final harvest. The cannabis plant is ready to be harvested when most of the white hairs on the buds have turned black and curled.

Experienced growers will often examine the sparkling trichomes under a magnifying glass to ensure proper harvest timing.

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