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Enlite Energy Inc

LED Grow Lights Slolutions

We are leading at providing smart horticultural lighting for indoor farms, greenhouse, and vertical farming.

Solutions of Enlite LED grow lights

Enlite team will provide more solutions on the greenhouse and indoor farming. The LED grow light is designed to enhance plant growth and help crops grow more efficiently with less heat and energy-consuming.

  • Indoor Farm
    Indoor Farming & LED Grow Lights
    Vertical farming is the future of agriculture. As we know, the hydroponic vertical farm supplies fresh lettuce, herbs, sunflower sprouts, leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations. And vertical farming relies heavily on LED lighting which can provide optimal illumination for plant health. The Enlite Horti- tube with less heat puts off will let the growers to add more layer to the vertical beds and what’s convenient is the daisy-chain design would make the installation much simpler.
  • Greenhouse
    Greenhouse & LED Grow Lights
    “10 More Greenhouse is going to be installed with Enlite Demeter Series, the service Enlite offered saves us a lot! “said by Mr, Jonson, now cultivating 16 small greenhouses. The high output 660W top light allows growers to gain higher yields with the lowest running costs. That confirms we chose the right light to meet their specific needs.
  • Vertical Farming
    Vertical Farming & LED Grow Lights
    Enlite offers horticultural LED grow lights and the smart control systems to unlocking the potential of indoor farm.
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