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10 More Greenhouse is going to be installed

Developing from outdoor growing, Mr, Jonson now cultivating 16 small greenhouses which based on the outdoor planting field.

“A friend introduced Enlite to me at 2017, saying that the enlite growing lights is operating very well in his farm.” We met Mr. Jonson at his farm, as we were just communicated by phone, whatsapp or e-mail. He is very friendly as we arrived at the farm, shared a lot of things toward his farm. His 23 years old son, Samir, graduated from college one year ago help his father cultivating with a more scientific growing method.

“My father is actually a planting veteran in cannabis cultivating, as he started growing in our garden 20 years ago.” Samir told our sales team, “But no one in our home learnt the growing knowledges systematically, especially for cannabis, until I went to the college. And I learnt that too many factors do affections to the growing, a small adjustment may make things totally different! So the first thing I back to our farm is to do a whole inspection.” 

Mr. Jonson and his son Mr. Samir introduced that now they can cultivate 3 seasons instead of only one season when growing naturally, and by adjusting the light exposure time, they can now better control when the flowering time begins. “With the Dimming and Timer controller, we can simply set the exposure time during summer or winter, and my father is an experienced grower he knows the weather here in California, everything is under our control.” Mr. Samir, showing us the tidy facilities, says, “These 6 greenhouses installed Enlite Demeter 660W and some 330W one and a half year ago, and they did really good. So, we are planning to replace the lights with Demeter 660W or 330W for the other 10 greenhouses step by step, maybe 6 more greenhouses will be set up as the market is go rising.”

We stayed about 3 hours at Mr. Jonson’s, they shared more about the farm and their needs, Enlite sales team is doing new project plans for 3 more greenhouses, which will be installed with Enlite Demeter 660W soon.

“Your service is actually saved us a lot!” Mr. Samir replied in the latest e-mail, after we sent the new design drawing.