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What Kind of Light Do Succulents Need?

Ⅰ. Why succulents need grow lamp for succulents?

It is believed that many succulent lovers have encountered similar problems. Raising succulents indoors is a problem, and there are not a few people who cannot feed indoor succulents.

Most succulents (such as sedum, fairy cups, lithophytes, the following content is mainly for sedum) need sufficient sunshine, this kind of sunshine should not be the sunshine across the glass and screen windows. Because glass and screens will block a large part of the ultraviolet rays, even if the succulents are placed indoors where there is a little light, the growth of the succulents will be greatly affected. The use of grow lamp for succulents can meet the indoor lighting needs of succulents and increase the light time to promote the growth of succulents.

Ⅱ. What kind of grow lamp for succulents should be chosen?

1. Types of grow lamp for succulents

Best indoor grow lights for succulents are LED plant lights, because they are more power-saving, unit power illuminance exceeds traditional lamps, no heat consumption, shape design can be made ultra-thin, especially more suitable for DIY, which is the best choice for succulent lovers.

2. The appropriate wavelength and color of the grow lamp for succulents

One is the medium wave 5261 ultraviolet (UVB), this wavelength of light is used by plants to determine the intensity of sunlight, which can inhibit the growth of plants; The other two are red-yellow and blue-violet light. Like almost all plants, succulents use red and blue light for photosynthesis and provide the energy needed by the body.

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