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With More Tomatos Havested, the Cold Days Is Much Sweeter

Fruits and vegetables growing is not easy in the Netherlands, you need to spend more time and energy in the whole growing, while light becomes one of the most important factors. 

Based on Lisse, Mr. Nijenhuis is mainly growing tomatoes and cucumbers in his greenhouse. “You need to take care of the crops from seedlings very carefully, trimming them, watering them, offering enough lights, monitoring the soil PH ...” Mr. Nijenhuis leading us to walk through the crops and explaining to us, “The temperatures here in the Netherlands are quite strict for the crops growing, so we need better facilities with more cares.”

Since meeting at the exhibition, we keep tightly connection with Mr. Nijenhuis and his team, and we suggested they with the Interlight Pro 160W replace the former inner lights. “Unlike the lights we used before, the Interlight Pro is super cool, they do not heat-burn the leaves, flowers or fruits for those close to the light! So you can see all the tomatoes here are growing pretty healthy, and with stronger lights emitting out which brings more PPFD, we get larger leaves and stronger stems, these all lead to better quality tomatoes.”

Mr. Nijenhuis told our sales team that there’s actually a huge quantity need of the vegetables and the flowers, so they also plant some tulips apart from the vegetables. “These tulips are going to be sent to the market for selling the next month, and those are growing very healthy too. By controlling the light exposure time, with a suitable greenhouse temperature and humidity, all tulips grow here are with longer and stronger stems, larger buds. And all these help us to cultivate higher quality flowers, and the lower price also goes rising.” Mr. Nijunhuis explaining to us patiently.

Last century, at Mr. Nijenhui's grandfather's time, it’s very hard to purchase fresh vegetables, not to say the flowers. But with the Greenhouse technology and LED grow lights, people in the Netherlands can get all these easily from the supermarkets.

Not only in the Netherlands, but we also have many other customers in Europe and the US, growers now cultivating leafy greens, vegetables, flowers, herbs, or medical plants indoor or greenhouse with the full spectrum LED growing lights. We are changing the world with our efforts and new technologies.