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To do a successful greenhouse growing any kind of crops, growers need to take many vital factors into their consideration. Lighting, Heating, Watering, Cooling, Fertilizer, and so many other small details, each shall do a high infection to the final result. Anyhow, lighting shall be one of the most important issue of a good greenhouse planting.

  • Video of Greenhouse Farm
    Video of Greenhouse Farm

    Video of Greenhouse Farm

    Regardless of the need for light supplements for individual greenhouses or commercial greenhouse planting,  Enlite provides suitable LED grow lights for different growers from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and some other regions, to meet with the growers planting needs and we received many positive feedbacks from them.

  • Species Greenhouse Growing
    Species Greenhouse Growing

    Species Greenhouse Growing

    Greenhouse cultivation is generally commercial, mainly for vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs,medical plants,and so on. Growers design the light transmittance of the greenhouse, planting area, irrigation facilities, supplementary light sources, etc. according to the needs of their market.

  • Why Supplemental Light Needed
    Why Supplemental Light Needed

    Why Supplemental Light Needed

    In some sunny areas, such as California, relying on natural light alone can fully meet the light requirements of greenhouse cultivation during spring or summer. However, in some areas with insufficient light and perennial rainy days, or in the autumn or winter, greenhouse growers need to supplement the light source to ensure the growth needs of the plants to optimize the economic benefits.

  • What Kind of Light Suit?
    What Kind of Light Suit?

    What Kind of Light Suit?

    As a supplemental light source, growing lights do not necessarily require high PPFD, but there are a few points that growers should consider. First, it is possible to make use the most of natural sunlight during the day, so the grow light cannot have a large shadow. Second, it is best to have a full spectrum close to sunlight, so as not to disrupt the growth of crops. Third, it should be dimmable so can be adjusted according to the different weather or seasons.

  • Enlite Greenhouse Light Series
    Enlite Greenhouse Light Series

    Enlite Greenhouse Light Series

    Enlite Demeter Series Top Light is equipped with #12 full-spectrum, extremely narrow body design, IP66 waterproof design, and low heat generation. Connected with our unique control facilities, which can control the switching time, light brightness, and monitor the temperature/humidity of the greenhouse in one controller, greenhouse growers can save a lot of effort in dealing with light supplementation.

Other Solutionsfor You
  • Vertical Farming
    Vertical Farming
    Enlite offers horticultural LED grow lights and the smart control systems to unlocking the potential of indoor farm.
  • Indoor Farm
    Indoor Farm
    Vertical farming is the future of agriculture. As we know, the hydroponic vertical farm supplies fresh lettuce, herbs, sunflower sprouts, leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations. And vertical farming relies heavily on LED lighting which can provide optimal illumination for plant health. The Enlite Horti- tube with less heat puts off will let the growers to add more layer to the vertical beds and what’s convenient is the daisy-chain design would make the installation much simpler.
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