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ENLITE ENERGY INC - the leader of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling Commercial-Grade LED grow lights for indoor farming, and greenhouse.ENLITE ENERGY I...


ENLITE ENERGY INC provides a lineup of commercial grade Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for indoor farming, commercial vertical farming and greenhouses.
We offer different series of horticulture solutions from high efficacy LED grow light to integrated container farm,  which are sepcially designed to saving electricity cost and meanwhile improve yields. See the following Enlite series of LED grow lights which are widely used in cannabis, tomatoe, flower, vegetables growing and plant breeding. 

  • Flora Flowering 780
    Flora Flowering 780
    The Flora 780W offers a full spectrum specifically tailored for the cannabis flowering stage, with the addition of 730nm infrared light. This comprehensive light spectrum promotes healthy growth and optimal flowering in your cannabis plants, ensuring high-quality yields and potent buds.
  • Flora VEG 430
    Flora VEG 430
    Flora 430 feature high blue Veg Spectrum provides the optimal light recipe for thevegetative stage.
  • Top Light 840W
    Top Light 840W
    1-to-1 HPS Replacement: The TL-840W is engineered to be a direct, one-to-one replacement for traditional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, offering the same level of light intensity and coverage with significantly lower energy consumption. This efficient design saves you money on electricity costs while improve to highest level of performance for your cannabis cultivation
  • Flora 1060W (4x6ft)
    Flora 1060W (4x6ft)
    The Flora 1060W offers an industry-leading PBAR efficacy of 2.95 umol/w, ensuring that you’re getting the maximum light output for your energy dollar. With a total PBAR light output of 3100+ umol/s, this fixture sets a new standard for what’s possible in cannabis cultivation.
  • Demeter Series LED Grow Light
    Demeter Series LED Grow Light
    Demeter Series LED Grow light is designed for supplemental top light in the greenhouse. It is the most efficient led fixture on the market. With an efficiency level of 2.6 μmol/j, and PPF 1716 μmol/s, this light can produce the same amount of light output compared to a 1000 HPS lamp. This efficiency immediately reduces the grower’s energy bill and produces less heat.
  • Inter-Light Plus Thin LED Grow Light
    Inter-Light Plus Thin LED Grow Light
    Enlite Inter-light Plus is making the power of 160 watt per 2 meters fixture. Which the power is 2 times higher than other competitors. Enlite Inter-light Plus is taking the benefit by the excellent structure design, the surface temperature of fixture is only 37°C, without creating hotspots on the plants.
  • Horti-Tube LED Grow Light
    Horti-Tube LED Grow Light
    Ideal for indoor farming projects where a good level of uniform light is required across a wide area at a short distance. This product can be supplied with various spectrums to induce strong plant growth as well as provide optimum visual lighting for operatives. The Horti-Tube is IP66 waterproof and when installed with waterproof end caps will provide an ideal grow light for vertical farms.
  • Horti-Bar LED Grow Light
    Horti-Bar LED Grow Light
    A high output, low energy LED Horti-Bar is a good partner for vertical farming. The Horti- bar is designed for indoor farming projects like vertical farms, container farms, it can grow the corps as micro-green, vertical vegetables, etc.


  • Container Farm System
    Container Farm System
    Enlite team has also developed an Integrated Container farm solution with a complete hydroponic growing system built entirely inside a 40ft shipping container with all the components needed for commercial cultivation.
  • Vertical Grow Racks
    Vertical Grow Racks
    The Trolley system have installed the completed system with the full spectrum LED light. It is modular and independent. It can be operated either at the Enlite Carrier system or at the any Basement and Warehouse which is easy plug and play.
Turnkey Lighting Solutions

The Demeter Top Light take advantage of LEDTechnology to optimize lighting spectrum for the Greenhouse Plants. Which makes the Demeter Top Light have better crop growth and better yield compare to traditional HPS.The Demeter Top Light take advantage of LEDTechnology to optimize lighting spectrum for the Greenhouse Plants. Which makes the The Demeter Top Light take advantage ol LEDTechnology to optimize

  • Indoor Farm
    Indoor Farm
    Vertical farming is the future of agriculture. As we know, the hydroponic vertical farm supplies fresh lettuce, herbs, sunflower sprouts, leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations. And vertical farming relies heavily on LED lighting which can provide optimal illumination for plant health. The Enlite Horti- tube with less heat puts off will let the growers to add more layer to the vertical beds and what’s convenient is the daisy-chain design would make the installation much simpler.
  • Greenhouse
    “10 More Greenhouse is going to be installed with Enlite Demeter Series, the service Enlite offered saves us a lot! “said by Mr, Jonson, now cultivating 16 small greenhouses. The high output 660W top light allows growers to gain higher yields with the lowest running costs. That confirms we chose the right light to meet their specific needs.
  • Vertical Farming
    Vertical Farming
    Enlite offers horticultural LED grow lights and the smart control systems to unlocking the potential of indoor farm.

Find out below what LED light can do for you!

  • Cannabis
    Selecting a proper artificial light for cannabis which can cover the whole stage of growing cycle is very important. Enlite Flora 780W with the full spectrum and dimmable function to best suit your light requirements. See our guide and you will learn more about the growing with LED grow light and determine what is the best for your situation.
  • Tomato & Cucumber
    Tomato & Cucumber
    The good designed lighting is a necessity of leafy greenhouse crops like tomato, cucumber and peppers. Because there is not sufficient light for the whole plant especially in the middle and the bottom. The inter-light with the top light is the good lighting system for this plant. The low operation temperature makes it possible to be placed within the crops and to use it as inter-light in greenhouse crops.
  • Floriculture
    Choosing Enlite greenhouse grow light to control and create the best growth atmosphere for the plant. The Flora and top light 660W enables growers to manage veg growth and rapid flowering all year round. The top light 660W will help control plants growth so that they will be ready for sell at the precise time.
  • Leafy Green
    Leafy Green
    LED grow light can produce about 50 μmol more lights comparing to a 1000W HPS with the same electricity consumption, and you will not need to change the bulb each season, or doing a bunch of maintenance job. Enlite offer different lights to meet your needs either indoor or greenhouses, with full spectrum, low heat releasing, and waterproof design.
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