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Enlite Energy Inc

Growing Cannabis Under Enlite Top Light

Cannabis is a high-value crop. There are many countries are legalization cannabis. Many growers are growing indoor since it can complete control over the growing environment.

Plants can grow fast and high quality indoor! But to grow indoor, the grow light is very important. There are many kinds of light in the market, such as HPS, HID, CMH, CFL, LED lights.

How to choose the best light for your own facility? HPS is the most acceptable light for the grower, it is economic, the grow result is assured. But LED grow light is the more and more popular, also the price is coming down a lot, many new growers are starting to consider led grow light. There are many brands of led grow light, the price is also quite different, it is really hard to choose the best lights. We have to compare the price, the grow result. 

Enlite top light 630W is very good for growing cannabis, we have customer side by side comparison with many famous led brands. But the customer speaks highly of our lights. They said, really very impressed about the growing result, our Enlite top light stoops up with the top end lights manufacture. The most important is our price is really very reasonable.  Another customer who grows under our top light harvested 3.5 pounds dry weight in a 4x4ft area, that’s really wonderful, the most grower can grow around 2.0-2.5 pounds, it means you can get the investment back after one cycle growth.  The following are some of the photos.