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Tomato & Cucumber

Tomato & Cucumber
Tomato & Cucumber

Tomato & Cucumber Growing

Vine crop as cucumbers or tomatoes need plenty of light to grow, and these plants prefer warm weather, humid atmosphere. Also, they are suitable for greenhouse or indoor growing, either you are individual or commercial growers.

Tomato & Cucumber

  • Vine Crops
    Vine Crops

    Vine plants, similar to cucumbers and tomatoes, are basically the first choice for all growers to start planting. Due to their unique habits and environmental requirements, growers generally use fences to increase the number of plantations per unit area. This just makes it impossible for the lower part of the plant to get enough light for effective photosynthesis, which makes the yield unsatisfactory.

  • LED Lights for Growing Vine Crops
    LED Lights for Growing Vine Crops

    From the seedling stage, the demand for light from cucumbers or tomatoes is very high. Growers are also need to ensure 14-18 hours of light exposure at the seedling stage even growing in greenhouses. As the plants grow, growers may not have enough time or energy to make the maintenance, like trims or pruning, as enough leaves for photosynthesis needed. However, during the crop blooming to maturity periods, the lower leaves or fruits cannot obtain enough light due to the shadowing of the upper leaves. Therefore, the use of LED grow lights is particularly important as they do not only provides extra light in addition to sunlight, but also provide enough light for the growth of the lower part.

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