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All Enlite Energy Inc. (following as “Enlite”) Light-Emitting Diode (LED) grow lights are considered in Enlite “Warranty Policies & After-sales Service” from the day goods being shipped from Enlite warehouse. The detailed terms and conditions are described in this declaration as following.

Warranty Policies

  • Basic Warranty Policy: All Enlite LED grow lights within our warranty policy are following the principle of “replacement only”, which means once we inspected the lights is in our warranty policy, we will arrange mint condition lights to you instead of repairing that one. If we will need you to send the light back to us are dependent, all you need to do is contact with us and waiting for the response with the warranty scheme arrangement.

  • Warranty years: You should confirm with our sales representatives if you are gonna accept the standard warranty years or need the extended one before make the purchasing.

    Standard 3 years warranty and can be chosen the 5 extended years warranty products are as following: Light controller, Horti Bar 60W, Horti Tube 22W, InterLight Plus 80W/ 160W, Sulis Series (/UV), Sundisk Series, Sundisk Plus Series. 

    Standard 5 years warranty products are as following: Demeter 330W/ 660W and Flora Series 520W/ 780W/ 960W.

  • Warranty components: All LED chips, Power converters are in Enlite Warranty Policies, others like connecting wires, adapters (If any), attachments (hangers and so on), screws, and other assembly attachments are not in our Warranty Policies.

  • Warranty guideline:

        1. Upload the detailed info here in our official website by filling the warranty table according to the instruction, or contact with our sales representative whom assigned the PI with you.

        2. If you are uploading info here in our website, our after-sales representatives will contact with you by e-mail, phone, or any other available methods you offered within 24 working hours. Prepare the detailed info such as images, videos or so we can deal with the issue in a quicker response.

        3. If you are contacting with our sales-representatives, attach the images, videos, and detailed info in your e-mail, social media chatting, and so on so we will offer a quicker response toward your need. Our sales-representative or after-sales-representative will reply you within 24 working hours after we received your inquiry.

        4. Given no response received, you can call our official after-sales hotline or sending e-mail to our after-sales department directly, you can find all the contact information here in our “contact” page.

        5. After we confirmed all the details with you, we will inform the detailed warranty schemes, different orders will get different arrangements so we are not listing a standard scheme here. 

        6. Note: prepare and describe the problems as detail as you can with the images or videos so our representatives can offer a quicker response.

  • Conditions not in warranty:

Given some special reasons, Enlite have the right to rebuff the customer's requirement for free warranty due to the following situations.

        1. Those who did not applying Enlite grow lights according to the instructions attached with the package, such as overloaded power input, overheated temperatures, pouring water frequently to the light and so on.

        2. Those who do not applying the lights with the proper working height from the crops and caused the crops with heat buring, or other results due to the misusing of the light, which can not stand for the product problem. (Buyers shall contact with our sales-representatives before making any purchase, Enlite sales team members are all experienced in light application for different crops)

        3. Given the nature disasters (earthquake, fire attack, floods, typhoons, and so on), insect attack (mice, worms, etc), manmade disasters (robbery, theft, assault, etc), and some other emergent factors, warranties will not be provided by Enlite.

        4. All lights shall be used in the greenhouse, indoor growing, or any other growing facilities where Enlite warehouse shipped to, any secondhand lights or borrowed from others are not in Enlite warranty policies.

        5. Enlite after-sales team will inspect all the information being offered by the user with the help from Enlite sales team and Enlite R&D team, we will not offer any warranty to all those falsehoods and all lights in the same order will be considered out of Enlite warranty policies.

  • Out of warranty components and non-warranty components: For all lights exceeded the standard / extended warranty year from the date shipment arranged from Enlite warehouse, Enlite will not offer replacement warranty any more. And for those broken components (connecting wires, screws, or so) you can contact Enlite sales-representatives for dimensions or purchase directly from Enlite is available for us.

  • Note: All LED chips have the optical decay for a long-time usage, we say about 1-3.5% per year usage, which is far less than the HPS lights (replacement circle shall be half to one year) though. Enlite suggest you to replace the grow light as reaching the warranty years even though the light still working properly as you can see, but the actual light intensity may not meet with the crops need for a good cultivation.

Enlite reserves the right to modify or discontinue the warranty policy without all purchasers informed as any of those modification or discontinuance will only be effective with all Enlite LED grow lights being purchased after such modification or discontinuance.