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How to Improve Cannabis Yield Before Flowering by Using Plant Grow Lights?

As we all know, light is actually a supplement, so it is the transfer of life energy. In short, if plants get more light, they will produce larger flower buds. There is nothing supernatural, and everything is obvious and understandable.

Ⅰ. Three main methods to increase the light intensity of LED plant grow lights

1. Install LED plant grow lights for marijuana.

2. It is very important to keep the marijuana LED tube lights for growing plants as close as possible without hurting the plant.

3. Trim new bud and make it grow evenly in the light. Pruning in the process of growth enables your plants to keep the light as close as possible without get ignited.

When marijuana is surrounded by vegetation, it will respond and try to grow higher for better lighting.

Ⅱ. Selecting a suitable marijuana LED plant grow lights for the plants at the flowering stage

To achieve the optimal yield, density, and bud size, high-quality marijuana LED plant to grow lights should be used during bud formation.

Ⅲ. Marijuana LED plant grow lights provide the correct spectrum during bud formation

It is more effective to use LED plant to grow lights with the more red light of different wavelengths in the flowering stage than to use marijuana LED plant grow lights with more blue light.

Select a marijuana LED tube light for growing plants with diodes with white, red, or infrared wavelength.

Generally, the introduction of this kind of light contains the light temperature definition of 3000K or indicates "far infrared" as an indication to display the entire required spectrum here. The light is pink, yellow, or reddish visually.

Plants grow under marijuana LED tube lights for growing plants look very attractive. If you have a real example of another grower's success on similar equipment, please only use dimmable marijuana LED plant to grow lights. Experiments on technical problems are encouraged, but in-depth research should be understood first. Then, large-scale growth can be achieved.

The marijuana LED tube lights for growing plants usually need to be kept at least 40 cm above the plants in case of bleaching and burns.

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