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How to Grow Marijuana with LED Plant Lights?

1. Application of LED grow lights in cannabis cultivation

The growth and development of cannabis requires an effective accumulated temperature of 2400-3200 °C. Seedlings are resistant to -5-3°C frost, and short-term low temperature will not affect the growth of hemp seedlings. Cannabis is more sown in early spring when the soil temperature is above 8°C at 5 cm below the surface. Within 30 days after the hemp seedlings are unearthed, they do not need irrigation, and LED plant lights are used to promote the growth of seedlings to control the seedlings and promote roots.

According to the difference in the morphology of the female and male seedlings, the male seedlings can be kept and the female seedlings can be removed during final singling to improve the fiber quality. When seed collecting, keep the female seedlings. The optimum temperature for marijuana growth is 19-23°C. The average daily growth of hemp plants is 3-5 cm, and the growth peak can reach about 10 cm. At this time, it can withstand atmospheric drought but not soil drought, so it is usually irrigated continuously after 1 month of emergence to maintain the maximum soil water holding capacity at about 80%. Combining irrigation with early application and heavy application of fast-acting fertilizers can promote stem growth. The density of remaining seedlings varies according to the cultivation methods in different places. Generally, there are 80,000-150,000 seedlings per mu of early-maturing varieties, and 30,000-50,000 plants of late-maturing varieties.

2. The most suitable LED grow lights for marijuana growth

Medical applications: In medicine, marijuana is often used to assist in the treatment of certain terminally ill diseases (cancer, AIDS), to increase appetite, reduce pain, and to relieve neurological symptoms such as glaucoma and epilepsy and migraine. And for bipolar mood swings, it can reduce nausea in chemotherapy patients. While medical marijuana is politically controversial, doctors often recommend its use to patients informally.

Textile: Hemp cultivation, the bast fiber of this annual herb is also one of the earliest varieties used as textile fiber. It can be used as a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper and medical supplies. But traditionally, hemp has been used as a fiber for making rope. It wasn't until recently that the process of improving the fineness of hemp fibers was developed that the comfort properties of hemp were truly discovered.

LED grow lights are currently specially produced for the cultivation of cannabis. They have high brightness and strong penetrability, and are the most suitable new type of grow lights for cannabis. People are still very vague about how to grow cannabis and how to use LED cannabis grow lights for cannabis cultivation. You can learn more about this through our introduction.

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