Enlite Energy Inc
Enlite Energy Inc

160w Inter-Light Plus for Tall Greenhouse Crops

In some low solar radiation regions, the fewer hours of sunlight have limited the production of crops in a greenhouse in winter, so investment in growing lighting that would facilitate the year-round production in the greenhouse.

Enlite unveiled its latest grow light: the inter-light 160W per 2 meters. This inter-light has been specially designed for tall greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Enlite Inter-light Plus Fixture has an innovative design with dual light sources at the Single side. It making a light spread of 160 degrees. With wider light distribution, Enlite Inter-light Plus is able to spread the lights when the distance between the light and the plants is only 10cm (4 inches). The Inter-light Plus has a footprint 110cm x 200cm at a distance of 10cm (4 inches), it's 2 times bigger than the other competitors.


The low surface temperature makes it can be placed within the crops and give light to the middle and bottom canopy. The whole plants will be saturated by light and the high light intensity would be good for improved the crop's flavor, quality, and yield.


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