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Light Source Distribution Requirements for Full Spectrum Grow Lights

1. What is full spectrum grow lights?

The full spectrum grow lights are the artificial light source with full-spectrum developed in accordance with the law of plant growth and the principle of simulating the ratio of the solar spectrum. They have a wide radiation range and truly meet the requirements of green lighting.

For agricultural greenhouses, as a supplementary light, best full-spectrum grow lights can be enhanced at any time of the day, so as to always help plants to photosynthesize. Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be extended. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by plants without being affected by any environmental changes.

2. Advantages of full spectrum grow lights

In a greenhouse or plant laboratory, it can completely replace natural light to promote plant growth. After application tests, the wavelength of the full spectrum grow lights is very suitable for plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with time, the main reason is the lack of sufficient light. If it is irradiated with a spectrum suitable for plants, it can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers and trees.

For the cultivation of plants and flowers in the office halls of large enterprises, supplementing light is a big problem. The use of full-spectrum low-power light can completely solve that problem, and it also plays a role in landscape lighting. Because of the strong color rendering of the light source, the flowers and trees are brightly colored under the full spectrum grow lights, giving people a pleasing feeling.

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