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Features of Full Spectrum Grow Lights

1. Introduction of full spectrum grow lights

The full spectrum grow light is a lighting source developed by simulating the solar spectrum, which is beneficial for plant growth. The visible light in the spectrum has a reasonable distribution ratio from the blue part of 380NM to the red part of 780NM. And the light wave curve imitates the shape of the sun's spectrum, the light color is like daylight at around 10 am, with strong color rendering, small color temperature drift, high luminous efficiency, and large luminous flux.

The best full spectrum grow lights are artificial light sources with full-spectrum developed in accordance with the law of plant growth and simulating the principle of solar spectrum ratio. It has a wide range of illumination and is suitable for different plant growth.

2. The characteristics of full-spectrum grow lights

According to the wavelength range of sunlight required for plant growth and the required illuminance, a full spectrum grow light is developed. The reasonable use of this kind of light can not only breed and grow under conditions that are not suitable for plant growth, but also speed up the breeding of crops and shorten the growth cycle of crops, avoiding pests and diseases and deformed fruits.

(1) Compared with the golden lamp and sodium lamp, it has less heat, high efficiency, good planting effect, fast plant growth, and good taste.

(2) The full spectrum grow light is an artificial light source with a full-spectrum, and the resulting light beam is most suitable for plant growth (chlorophyll, anthocyanin, carotene).

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