Demeter Top Light 660W

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Shadow-free Design & Excellent Light Distribution

Enlite Demeter Series is specifically designed for Supplemental Top Light Solution in greenhouses. The Demeter Top Light is only 3.2” wide which features a very small shadow effect in the greenhouse, yet it has 120° wide beam optics to provide an excellent light distribution and cover a large area.

Optimized Full Spectrum
The Demeter Top Light take advantage of LED Technology to optimize lighting spectrum for the Greenhouse Plants. Which makes the Demeter Top Light have better crop growth and better yield compare to traditional HPS (High-pressure sodium) Light.
High Efficacy, Saving Powe, Better Control

The Demeter Top light 660W with energy efficiency 2.6µmol/J and PPF 1,716µmol/S which produces the same amount of light output compared to a 1000W HPS Light, while consuming 40% less power. It also features the 0-10V dimming control for precise control over PPFD on the plant, and mimic Sunrise and Sunset which enhance results for specific crops.

Affordable & High out Solution

As a Greenhouse grower, you may held you back from the High upfront investment in LED Grow Lighting. This is no longer a problem with the Enlite Demeter Top Light. Enlite bring the affordable and High-out LED Top Light Solution to the market. It makes easy 1-to-1 HPS to LED replacement, you can install the Demeter Top Light at your existing HPS position.