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About LED Marijuana Grow Lights

The phenomenon of using LED plant grow lights

The LED red and blue plant light uses a ratio of red and blue lamp beads. That's mainly because a single LED chip cannot maturely "integrate" light of different bands on the same chip.

Since 2013, LED chips and packaging processes have become more and more mature and full-spectrum LED plant grow lights have begun to appear in the market, but the market's response has been tepid. Due to the disproportionate cost of expensive lamps, electricity costs and crop output, as well as the limited level of agricultural modernization in China, the acceptance of LED plant grow lights is low and the use of LED plant grow lights is also mostly used in modern vertical farms.

The turning point appeared from 2018 to 2020. The industrial marijuana market was gradually liberalized in North America and some other countries also put the release of industrial marijuana cultivation on the agenda.

Crops with high economic added value such as industrial marijuana "give" new life to plant grow lights. Industrial marijuana grow lamps have become popular and many lighting companies have entered the market.

Compared with the traditional plant grow light scheme, the advantages of LED marijuana grow lights are obvious. Industrial marijuana cultivation is bound to be hot with LED plant grow lights for a while, but when the heat fades, LED plant lighting will still fall into the hands of down-to-earth companies.

Enlite Energy Inc specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of commercial grade LED plant grow lights for indoor agriculture and greenhouses.

Enlite Energy Inc has developed a series of horticultural solutions. From high-efficiency LED plant grow lights to integrated container farms, we aim to save electricity costs and achieve high-quality yields. As the leader of LED plant grow lights, Enlite Energy Inc has a professional R&D and manufacturing team with more than 20 years of experience. We will continue to innovate and provide new solutions.

Enlite Energy Inc focuses on the development and manufacture of green energy products to be able to provide the world with our solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We focus on creating value-added products for our clients and our partners so that enabling them to succeed in this competitive and research-driven industry.

Enlite Energy Inc aims to become a world leader in the field of green energy and electronic manufacturing. We maintain the highest quality standards possible, and deliver exceptional service and innovation to our customers to make living conditions better and more sustainable on our planet. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult.

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